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The cloud has made a huge impact on today’s tech industry & it has become an overwhelming success. All ages from 8 to 80 can be using the cloud one one way or another, from iCloud on their Apple devices to Amazon Web Services for the hardcore techy.

As such, the cloud industry is growing fast and has become a marketing phenomenon – in fact, basic web hosting becomes a premium product when the word cloud is slapped onto the product description. A company appears cutting edge if they can say “we use the cloud to deliver our products to you” or “securely stored in the cloud”.

You’d probably like to get a piece of the action & start your own cloud business, and you can. There is the traditional way of buying several data centres, loads of IT infrastructure & networking it all together in one big harmonious mesh, and then there is the simpler, more straightforward way to approach the task. You can join reseller programs across the web to become your own cloud platform some of which are free to join. Think of this as a test, you don’t have to remain a reseller forever, but, this gives you the opportunity to test the market without the financial liabilities associated with setting up a data centre (or buying space in someone else’s).

An added benefit is that the resellers will take care of the support for your customers & all the admin work (like billing). That leaves you to sell your new products and services until your heart is content.

I’ve been trawling the web and have found a couple which look promising:

TPP Wholesale is free to get started and is white labelled to your brand. They will make the website for you and customize it so that no one will ever know that you aren’t running your own servers. There are costs associated further down the line (as there are some account restrictions), but hopefully this is after you’re making profit.

Just Cloud are a pretty big brand name in the cloud space and for £15.95 a month you can sell to as many customers as you like. There are costs associated to branding this as your own business and there are different levels of branding available. The overall image of Just Cloud (from both your point of view & the view of your customers) seems to be much more professional than TPP (above). Just Cloud has pretty decent rates when it comes to buying more storage for your customers too.

Zip Cloud interestingly looks like an almost identical website to Just Cloud – it’s probably one of their resellers!

My bet on this would be to go with Just Cloud, they seem to be very professional and have a support team ready to help your customers out. Of course, you should still carry out your own research and check customer reviews of these platforms but to me, it does seem like a good way to test the market & perfect your business strategy before making any serious financial commitments.

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