Ways to generate traffic for your website

Online Marketing and generating traffic

Traffic is the single most important thing that website owners look for – after all, with traffic comes engagement (if you content is good) and with engagement comes sales. In fact, there is no replacement for a truly engaged user base as they alone will help to drive your website forward by sharing their experience with their friends – and as we know, there is no better marketing medium than word of mouth.

But, to be able to market your website through word of mouth, you need to first have an established audience that you can impress, so, how can you get that audience?

Well, there are a number of ways:

  1. Commenting is by far the most effective – but it is very time consuming. This consists of visiting other blogs or social pages in your niche and commenting about your product. You cannot do a hard sell in a forum and you can’t just post your link on your first visit – you need to be patient, join the conversation & build up a reputation in the forum before you start trying to sell anyone your product.
  2. Beyond commenting on other peoples pages, you can use aggregation engines such as All Top, Biz Sugar and Growth Hackers. These take your RSS feed and essentially aggregate all your news with other blogs in your niche. This gives you and your articles exposure to all the users of that RSS feed.
  3. Guest posting is another very manual but worthwhile task. It’s a very good idea to approach other websites in your niche (probably complementary, rather than competitive websites). Discuss the possibility of posting on their website blog. When doing this, remember to add your website keyword in the blog post and link to your website!

These are just a few quick tips – but this should help you to build the core of your web traffic strategy.

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  • Jeff

    I already have my own website and the traffic that I get is pretty good but any traffic is good traffic, even if it is more than necessary. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Monica

    Just what I needed to read! I am more than confident in these tips and I am sure that with time my website will be booming. These definitely seem worth both my while as well as my website’s. Awesome post!

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