Using sets & time-lapse in Tableau

The below data set shows the sales for each country that my company trades in.  Now let’s say I am particularly interested in two groupings of countries – those that are new markets in which we trade and those that are known to be struggling.

I want to keep all the data available on the chart, but want to highlight those groups of countries.

To accomplish this, we need to highlight the countries we’re interested in and click ‘create set’

We can name the set – in this case ‘New Markets’

We then need to drag the set from the left hand pane into the ‘color’ filter in Tableau. As you can see below – those countries now stand out with a deep blue fill.

We can repeat this process for the ‘Struggling Markets’ group and drag a second set into the color pane in Tableau.

If I want to create a time lapse that I can play, showing the change in sales each year, all I need to do is drag my ‘Year’ value into the ‘Pages’ pane on the Tableau application. This will produce the below in the right hand pane.