Tips to marketing your new mobile app


Mobile apps are going to make or break many companies in the not too distant future. As consumers, we expect a company to have a robust technology presence – whether that is a responsive web design or a mobile app, we’re not too bothered at the moment. Moving forward though, there will be an even heavier emphasis on mobile apps for businesses, so how would you go about marketing yours?

Well, before we dive into the steps to market your mobile app I’d like to ask you a question. Have you established that your mobile app is something that the market wants?

Without market research, you may well be wasting your time building the app. Assuming that it is something that people want, who are those people? You need to know who your target audience are to best understand their needs from the app.

All of that aside, here are a few quick tips on marketing your new app:

  1. Start a blog to promote your app. There is no better tool to help improve your Google rankings than a frequently updated blog. Further to this, you can keep your audience engaged by giving them updates on your progress.
  2. As well as a blog, why not create a microsite. You should be able to tell your users, in one page, why your app is worth downloading. This will require you to write some very compelling text.
  3. Going social with your idea is always a good idea. Why not tap into your current contacts list and run a competition. The competition should engage the contestants (and hopefully they’ll spread the word about your app).
  4. You can always send out to app review sites to get your app reviewed. These websites often have a large and loyal reader base, so it’s definitely worth trying to tap into that.

I think that it is fair to say that the key to a successful mobile app marketing strategy is to take advantage of your personal network of connections. Your friends and family should be your biggest supporters and should help you build awareness of your new app.

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