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I’ve been a happy customer of my web host for a long time (about 1-2 years), the support was great, the uptime was good and the speed was pretty decent too, but suddenly, that all changed.

You see, the company had been growing and seemingly not investing in their infrastructure, we ended up with daily outages and sluggish page load speeds, both of which just stressed and annoyed me. I would get in touch with the support company who told me that one of the websites on their servers had extremely high loads & it was causing other sites to have poor performance too. great, but how is that my problem?

I mean, I pay the web host for one thing and one thing only – to make my website available to world at consistently reasonable speeds and that is something that wasn’t provided for a few weeks solidly. It got so bad that I couldn’t even install a plugin to WordPress without a server 500 error.

Anyway, lets stop beating about the bush, the offending web hosts were TSO Host. After serving me very well for such a long time, I gave up with them.

So, where did I go

I have had several hosting providers in the past, but, each had their flaws (thus why I moved away from them). Dot5Hosting was the slowest web host I could have hoped to find and other free and paid services had not been pulling their weight either.

I started to research, read reviews and analyse each of the possible new web hosts and created a pro and con list for each. All the hosts were looking quite evenly matched & I didn’t really know where to look. I then learned of Go Daddy’s new WordPress hosting package, which sits on an SSD drive making it super fast. I began to research.

Further research showed me that they also had a staging environment (which was a huge selling point). I can now build my website & make changes in the staging environment, make sure my changes don’t break anything and then push them to live with the click of a button once I’m happy. It’s the little things that make a service great and this is that little thing!

Having signed up with GoDaddy, the servers are blazing fast, the support is good and the uptime, so far, seems to be awesome. GoDaddy congratulations, you’ve made a very difficult customer happy.

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