The 10 minute SEO makeover

Quick SEO tips from Netshock Technology Blog

Perfecting your websites search engine optimization (SEO) is a long and time consuming process. It is therefore quite useful to have a few quick wins that you can use to build a decent grounding for your SEO efforts – enabling you to see results faster.

  1. The first tip is to review your robots.txt file. Make sure that you’re not blocking any pages or directories within the robots.txt that you did not intend to block.
  2. Make sure that Google analytics is installed on your website. Once this is done review your pages bounce rate and exit rate to ascertain when and where users are leaving your website. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to pinpoint areas that might need improvement.
  3. Make sure that automatically redirects to Google sees both of these as separate websites and will penalize you for duplicated content if you don’t resolve the problem.
  4. Run web page speed tests with to ascertain whether there are elements of your website that are taking too long to load. Google puts a lot of emphasis on user experience now, so you should try to make your website perform as smoothly as possible.
  5. Set up Google Webmaster tools on your website and analyse the search results data. This will highlight where you appeared in search results but the user did not click your link. This could indicate that your page title and description is not compelling enough.

These are just starting points for your SEO, but, each item should not take you more than 10 minutes. These are intended to give you action points for your SEO plan. For example, if you identify 10 pages that have a high exit rate, you’ll know where to focus your content improvement efforts.

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  • Jeff

    When I read the title I thought, “Yeah, right! In just ten minutes?” but after reading the whole post I truly think that you may just be onto something here. You definitely have some great tips at the least! I especially think that #5 is a great one, and a very beneficial one as well. Awesome post!

  • Monica

    A 10 minute makeover may be a bit dramatic, but I do think that I can expect pretty good results from this to one extent or another. SEO is a great thing to be familiar with, especially it terms of creating more website traffic. Thanks for the post!

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