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Now that you’ve got your servers up and running, you’ll want to monitor their performance and availability. After all, nobody is going to sign up for a service that is slow and only available some of the time.

By monitoring the vital signs of your web servers and network, you’ll be able to identify bottlenecks and the data will enable you to better troubleshoot potential issues with your website.

There are two great services that Ubuntu suggest you can install to do all of this. The first is Nagios (for availablility monitoring) and the other is Munin (for performance) monitoring.


Nagios helps you monitor your websites availability. That isn’t just to show you whether it is up and running, it is far more comprehensive than that. It helps you to monitor all of your applications, services and system metrics all from a single dashboard.

This tool will help you quickly identify infrastructure outages and will even tell you via email or text message. That’s not to say that everyone gets all of the messages, you can set escalation policies so that the right people are notified at the right time.

Nagios will also help you out with all of the mundane and boring tasks of a sys admin, like SLA monitoring and reporting for all servers / networks.


If you love pretty graphs, then Munin is not a bad choice. You’ll get historical charts, showing the performance of your servers networks, SANs and applications. If something is not pulling it’s weight and is slowing the rest of the components down, you’ll know about it.

This helps you identify the root cause of performance issues and helps you to find a resolution sooner.

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