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Recently, I have been working with Phonegap to build a mobile app for one of my friends. As i’ve discussed previously, the main advantage of Phonegap is that it’s extremely easy to learn, meaning that anyone can build their own mobile app, whether they have any programming experience or not. Yes, you need HTML / CSS knowledge to create a basic app, but with all the free HTML templates that are available to you online, you’ll find you don’t really need to do much, other than change the text.

If you’re already technically aware, the ease of learning is probably not going to sway you to use Phonegap. Well, it didn’t for me either. The thing that sold me on Phonegap is that it supports plugins, meaning that you can extend the functionality of your app to do almost anything. Even better than that, other Phonegap developers are releasing plugins on platforms such as Themeforest, which means you can piece together your own app, with all the functionality you need, without writing a single line of code.

The extra bit of icing on the cake is that Phonegap can build apps for all platforms from a single code base. So there is no need to write a different version of the app for each mobile operating system! This speeds up time to market and also makes supporting and managing the app much more straightforward.

So, what have I created?

Well, I’ve created a little app for Xquisite Juice – a shisha company, based in London. This app can be deployed to all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and has a built in store (using Paypal as the payment engine).

This is still a work in progress but the reality is that it took less than an hour to get to this point. I’d imagine that one or two more hours is all I’d need to complete the job. Imagine being able to roll out a mobile app for your company – to all mobile operating systems in a matter of a few hours? That would be a real game changer and could help you jump ahead of your competitors.

All you need to know is HTML and CSS and you can get started right away…. what are you waiting for?

Phone gap app development

Phonegap app for android and ios

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