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It’s become somewhat of a catchphrase for everyone with an online presence – ‘traffic is the lifeblood of your website’ blah, blah, blah…

While I do really hate that phrase, it could not be more true. The ability to generate decent levels of traffic does determine whether your website is going to be a success and can also seriously affect your motivation to continue with your online venture.

Since starting Netshock in February 2015, I have seen a great level of growth in the number of people visiting my website and I’ve had a fair few people commenting on my posts & getting involved. This is what has fuelled my ambition to continue with the website and it’s ultimately helped me to develop my skill set beyond those that are required for my day to day job.

So, before I dive into this article, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that has got involved with Netshock, whether you’ve read some of my articles, commented on some stuff or written guest posts – you’ve helped me a lot.

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So, as I was saying, I’ve seen rapid increase in the traffic to my website, which has resulted in 1 million page views across 7 months (February to August). If you average that out, it’s 142,000 page views per month – which is an achievement that I could not be happier with.

I wanted to share my experiences and explain how I reached my goal of 1,000,000 page views in such a short space of time.

The biggest part of building a successful website is simple – tell everyone, whether they care or not. Kids are told not to talk to strangers all the time – when you’re a website owner the opposite is true – talk to as many strangers as you can (unless they look really dodgy), get them interested in the subject matter of your site and share links with them. Even better, tailor posts to their needs – for example, the ‘how to build a social network’ post on Netshock (one of my most popular), came about from a discussion with a stranger who was telling me his idea for a start up business but was worried about the costs of developing his idea.

By writing an article specifically for that guy, he was certain to visit and he told some of his friends too – further helping to boost the audience of the website.

The next big thing is to never stop self promoting. It can be kind of awkward sometimes but is totally worth it when you hit your goals. The sense of achievement (along with the smug grin) was well worth the hard work.

I’m not going to go too much into detail about the particulars of online marketing (as I do that in my free ebook ‘freshly painted marketing plan‘), but the main thing to remember is to cast your net far and wide. Get a guest post on as many blogs as possible, join as many conversations and forums as you can and generally get networking.

The final thing is – don’t get disheartened. If you started a blog to become a world famous blogger, then there is probably a time to call it quits. But if like me, you started your blog to help fuel your own personal development and learning, then there is never a reason to stop. If you’re learning and building great content, it will be indexed by Google over time and your web traffic will grow gradually on its own.

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