Is software development a dying profession?

10 years software

I was researching a number of tools the other day, playing around with them to see what they could do and thinking about how they could be applied to solve business problems.

As I was doing so, I started to wonder if a software developer would be a necessary evil in 10 years time. I mean, the software builders and generators that are currently available are pretty robust and allow you to create some really complex tools. Let’s fast forward 10 years from now, with all the additional development that these tools will have had, they will be capable of creating more complex software, in a shorter time than a developer could ever be capable of. Net result = less software developers?

Let’s not be unrealistic, developers will still be needed to develop the software generators to build new functions and to enable it to utilize newer, modern technologies, but will companies need their own team of developers? or will they just be able to utilize the out of the box tools that enable you to to build your own software, exactly as you envisaged it, in shorter period of time than a developer could?

One key advantage is that all the code in the software generators will be tested and fixed for you – meaning you won’t even need a testing team, which could really reduce the cost of your IT department. All you need to do is skin the software to look as you’d like it to.

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