Installing your Ubuntu server control panel

Netshock on server manager

If you’re like me, you’ll want to make your life as easy as possible, and for me, I do that by trying to avoid using the terminal for as many operations as possible.

I do this because I like to visually see what I am doing, rather than typing a command and hoping it’s going to work. For some reason, I get more reassurance from a pretty user interface with some tooltips

I therefore like to install applications to help with the management of firewalls,  system resources, services and all of the other little things I am otherwise forced to do through the terminal.

Today, I installed Ajenti onto one of my servers, it does all of the above and plenty more besides. The key selling point of Ajenti is that it gives me a single view for my server, showing me my storage, CPU usage, memory usage and more. This helps me to spot trends early and plan upgrades where necessary.

If you’re completely familiar with the Ubuntu terminal, you’ll probably tell me that this is unnecessary and pointless, but, this allows me to delegate server monitoring to other individuals in my team (without setting them loose on the terminal), freeing my time up to do more exciting stuff.

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