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Installing WordPress on your AWS instance

Earlier today, one of my friends asked me to install WordPress on to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for him.  Now, I’ve installed WordPress hundreds of times before on web hosting services, but not on a cloud platform like AWS.

I started going through the motions, firstly selecting my instance size and machine image.

step 1 AWS

Step 2 AWS

I then created a new key pair for the instance and downloaded the file.

AWS step 3

I then noted the public DNS information and started to SSH onto the box.

AWS step 5

I am afraid to say, I made the mistake of trying to SSH with the java-based browser tool – never do that if you don’t have to guys!

AWS step 6

After wrestling with plugins, feeling as though I was back in the 90’s again, I finally got it open and connected.

AWS step 7

But then, I stopped. I always struggle to believe that anything complicated needs to be quite so complicated. There is always a better way, all we need to do is find it.

Having trawled Google, we have the same old scenario I’ve spoken about many times before, technical people giving overly technical advice for the sake of being technical. Not one single blogger mentioned that AWS have a one-click-install of WordPress in their marketplace. Surely, no matter how much you love tinkering with servers, there is no point going through the unnecessary pain of configuring it yourself.

I’ll never understand why people like to make their lives harder, but, WordPress powered by Bitnami seems to have worked a treat. All I needed to do was set up the key pairs, security group and decide on a server configuration, Bitnami covered the rest for me.

That gives me more time to focus on the more value-add part of the website – a great design, I mean, who cares how the server that it sits on is configured?

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