Improve your WordPress site security

We discuss Wordpress website security

There are an endless number of ways to improve the security of your WordPress website. There are a lot of tools and plugins that you can use and we will discuss some of them later in this post.

Before you embark on any of these time consuming security activities, it’s worth considering your internal processes and policies when it comes to managing your WordPress website. There are some things that you just need to do on a regular basis to protect your site from any unwanted attacks.

Manage your plugins

Firstly, make sure that WordPress and all your plugins are up to date. Many of the updates that are released are done so to rectify security loop holes and to keep your website safer. Now, I will note that updating your plugins does sometimes cause problems, so I would recommend always backing up your website before updating to ensure that you have a way to roll back to the working version of your website.

Next, I think that it is wise to delete all of your unused plugins. Why? Very simply, it gives you less to manage and less potential vulnerabilities for hackers to attack. You want to reduce the number of end points that the hacker can identify to make it as hard as possible to gain access to your website.

User Security

The next point is all about managing your user access. You should create complex password requirements and should always make sure that you only grant administrator access to those individuals that absolutely need it.

Your Host

Some hosts are well known for security, while others are well known for being low cost. As a website owner, it’s important that you do not sacrifice security for cost and you use the best possible host. Many hosts have protection against DDOS attacks and have built in brute force attack protection into their one click WordPress installs. It’s worth researching this, before jumping into your project heads first!


There are tonnes of plugins that are freely available and made for the task of locking down your WordPress install. These include:

  • Better WP Security
  • All in one WP security and firewall
  • Wordfence
  • Website Defender

Installing these will make your website much more secure. It wont take long to make these changes and is certainly worth the time to do so.

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