Improve your fuel efficiency by 22% with this app

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We have all been there. We set off on our journey with the best intention of driving economically – that is, until we hit the biggest traffic jam known to mankind. That’s when the red mist descends and our eco drive goes out the window.

What we need is someone there to tell us to cool down and to tell us how we should be driving in traffic to keep our fuel use low. But carrying someone with us is probably not very feasible & will cost us more money hauling them around with us too.

This is where the Honda smartphone app would help you a lot. The app essentially tries to synchronise you with all the cars around you. This makes sure you maintain a decent gap & don’t accelerate and brake unnecessarily. This will stop the yo yo effect that we’re so used to seeing on the motorway – where one person closes right up to the back of the car in front before backing off to maintain a safe distance.

This could improve road safety and has been proven to improve fuel efficiency by up to 22%.

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