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The free tier of AWS (Amazon Web Services) should be a blessing for small businesses, but, it can be a bit daunting then looking at it for the first time. So, this post will guide you through hosting your own website.

When you first login to your Amazon Web Services account, you’ll see the below screen. To host a static site, you can use an S3 bucket. So, go ahead and click on ‘S3’.

AWS Dashboard

Once you reach the next screen, create a new S3 bucket and select the region in which you’d like it to be hosted.

S3 bucket AWS

Open your bucket and click the ‘upload’ button in the top left. Select your website files.

upload to S3 AWS

Once the upload is complete, mark the files as public by checking the boxes next to the files & select ‘Make Public’ from the “actions” drop down menu

public and upload AWS

Then all you need to do is go back to the main S3 buckets screen and mark the bucket for static hosting. Do this by selecting “enable website hosting” from the properties menu & enter your homepage document name.

static hosting AWS

And that really is it. As long as you don’t exceed the free tier usage allowance, you can run your website for free for the year!

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