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While I think that many marketing techniques are pretty wishy washy and that, in many cases, it is almost impossible to prove return on investment, there are some proven techniques that can help you successfully market your business online. The concept I’d like to cover today is press releases.

This sounds like an old and crusty concept, something that would only work for a bricks and mortar business, but, that’s not entirely true. When you’re looking for free ways to market your business, you should not discount press releases all together.

The reason for this is that they typically cost absolutely nothing. You can write them yourself and you can distribute them to PR platforms (only costing your time). The benefits of submitting to a PR platform are two fold – firstly, the platform is likely to have decent readership levels, giving your press release some exposure and secondly, you get a free back link from the press release back to your website (which is good in the eyes of Google).

You can also distribute your press release as a piece of mainstream content on other blogging platforms. This is called advertorial (when the press release (advert) looks like part of the main content of the website). A lot of blogs have guest writers and broadly speaking, as long as your content is well written, relevant and unique (written just for them), they will be more than happy to upload your article.

The unfortunate reality of online marketing is that getting your name out there is extremely difficult. By utilizing as many press-release distribution channels as possible, you’ll be able to extend your marketing reach and attract more customers to your service. Remember not to rush your press release, it needs to be compelling, thought provoking and very well written.

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