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Infographics, diagrams and flyers are all great marketing tools when they’re presented to the right audience at the right time. It can be pretty costly to get these made for you. Now there is a free tool called Canva which enables you to make very nice looking graphics with their easy drag and drop editor.

SEO Checker

Feed the bot has several tools which will trawl your site and tell you where you need to improve. This is really useful as sometimes you’ll suffer ‘seo blindness’. That is when you’ve been looking at the same website for such a long time that you become oblivious to it’s SEO flaws.

Social Media

Managing all your social media accounts is extremely tedious and time consuming – you could be updating Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram manually which is a NIGHTMARE. A free tool called Hootsuite lets you post to all your social networks at the same time & lets you see all of the user responses in one place.


Survey Monkey lets you ask your customers opinion and generates detailed reports. So, you can ask all your customers what they think & automatically graph all of their responses. This enables you to get better insight into your customers thoughts, without much manual analysis work.


Mailchimp is a free tool that lets you manage all your email subscribers in one place. Imagine being able to send all your customers a personalized email (with their name & address etc..) with the click of a button and no manual intervention. Well, now you can!


*Each of these tools may incur a cost – depending on your usage of them

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