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I’ve noticed in the past that you’ll never get the most straightforward answer on forums. When you’re looking to configure your WordPress install, the forum visitors always give responses like ‘hey, why not use this incomprehensible piece of PHP’ or ‘the only way is to custom code it dude’. This is extremely annoying when you know it not to be the case, when simply clicking one button to install a plugin would achieve exactly the same result.

Why am I banging on about this? Well, recently, I wanted to migrate all of my emails from my Gmail account to my Google Apps for Business account. This was so that I could consolidate all of my emails in one place and so that I could stop working from multiple email addresses.

I made the rookie error of searching Google for the answers to my problem, and sure enough, people were giving horrendously technical responses to what should be an easy task. So, the research continued and continued until I found a free migration tool!

Migration App wasn’t the prettiest of tools and it certainly could have had a slightly more friendly process flow, but all in all, it helped me to migrate several GB of emails across to my new account.

If this situation has taught me anything, it’s that the ‘help’ you find in forums is usually not very helpful. I wonder,  are these convoluted answers that we find on forums all part of self preservation, so that the respondents feel needed and so that they don’t feel their skill set can be easily replaced? So far as I can see, I’d much rather go to a forum that would give me the simplest possible answer than to someone that is going to confuse me.

Surely that is the best form of self preservation….

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