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Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Compute pretty much has the enterprise market cornered. They do, however, leave a huge market untapped – the small & medium enterprise (SME) market.

The dynamics of this market are completely different – people want different things to achieve different goals to those of a global organization. As an example, Netshock is a WordPress installation, with around 6,000 page views a day, all I need is a single fast and stable server, with a backup server instance ready to deploy, should anything happen.

Until today, I have hosted Netshock on shared hosting platforms (such as Go Daddy and HostGator). They are great most of the time, but, you share the server with thousands of other customers. What this means is you all share the same CPU and RAM, if one customer suddenly gains a lot of traffic, your site performance will also be affected.

The volatile and inconsistent performance of my shared hosting providers started to get on my nerves and I was out in the market looking for something better. I looked at AWS, Google Compute and Azure, and, having tested all three, I was ready to commit to Google Compute. Just before I spun my instance up, I heard about a service called Linode. This service had a much simpler pricing structure and seemed to cater towards smaller businesses.

I continued my search and eventually stumbled upon Digital Ocean. These guys have a similarly straightforward pricing structure and also have a very nice interface in comparison with any of their enterprise counterparts.

Having set up an account, I clicked to deploy the WordPress image to the server. It was all straightforward and easy. Other than the ridiculous two-factor authentication that they have unnecessarily decided to implement on all WordPress websites, everything has been excellent.

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