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There are two things that we can take as being true – the first is that mobile apps are more popular than ever and that demand is not slowing and the second is that people will always need jobs & the easier it is to find a new job, the better. So, I thought, let’s combine the two, let’s make a mobile app that makes the process of job searching much more enjoyable.

I therefore started mapping out a mobile app that I would like to build – listing all the features that I thought would help my users.

The features I want to build

– Search multiple job sites at once
– Find out more about the jobs with our job detail page
– Search UK and USA jobs
– Find jobs near you using our postcode / town look-up
– Filter search by job title, location, distance from location and full time, part time or contract

Personal service
– Save your searches so you don’t have to type them again
– Save the jobs you have applied to! No more missing job Spec’s and job details
– Manage your applications to show which stage you are in for each job (applied, interview, etc…)

Find courses and training to help progress you in your career.

Find job news, aggregated in one place!

Now I need some free APIs to help me out

I used a lot of different job site API’s in the creation of this app and here are a few of those API’s : Dice Jobs / Reed Jobs / Git Hub Jobs.

Now it’s time to start building the app, including API queries and response handling. I have chosen Appery to help with the build process. This tool essentially lets you drag and drop items onto the screen – creating a custom and flexible user interface and also connects to any REST API on the web without the need for code (here is a sample user guide from Appery). The app is then created for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile from a single code base, meaning, you don’t need to go through the hassle of re-writing the app for each mobile platform.

I spent a lot of time getting the look and feel of the app right, as I think that is just as important as the app functionality. If you’re looking to build an app, no matter how complex, I would take a look at Appery first, to see if you can’t build it for free!

You can find the Netshock app here

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