Create a crowd funding website using Drupal

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Create a crowd funding website using Drupal

Crowdfunding has been a big hit over the last few years, it’s a great way for start up businesses to bring a product or service to the masses without needing to go to the bank for financial support. In return, the people that invest get given a whole heap of gifts (depending on how much they pledge).

As it’s such big business, it’s likely that you want to build your own platform, I mean, why wouldn’t you?! Below I will take you through the first step to building your own Drupal-powered crowd funding website.

Download the Zip file for each of these plugins

Each of the below is a link to a plugin for Drupal. These plugins extend Drupal’s functionality to give it many more features – in this case, all the features you need for crowd funding. Download and unzip the zip files for each of these plugins from the below links.

Wow, that was a lot of plugins… now what?

Now you’ve got your zip files downloaded, unzip and upload the contents using an FTP client (e.g. Filezilla) to your server. Make sure you upload them to …/sites/all/modules.

Once you’ve uploaded all the files go to your Drupal install and login. Then, click on “Modules” along the top menu. Check the boxes next to all your newly installed modules to activate them.


Once you’ve done that, click the structure menu item, then click on “menus”. Within this page, click on “list links” next to the navigation menu. Within this menu, drag “crowdfunding project” to the top of the list and save your changes.


You should find that there is now a link to create a crowdfunding project on your main page. Using this link, you can now set up a new crowdfunding project, as I have below – and check it out, it looks well structured and functional.
Using the “rewards” tab at the top of this screen you can also add incentives for people to pledge money towards your idea. Below, you’ll see that I have added a couple of incentives to the crowd funding project.
As a final step on today’s article, I wanted to make the site look a little prettier. So, I’ve applied a new theme – I outline how you can do that here.
You should be able to complete all of these steps in half an hour. The next thing you’ll need to do is set user permissions to enable registered users to create and edit their own crowdfunding projects. You can do that by heading to the “people” menu and then clicking the permissions tab. Once you’ve set all the appropriate permissions you have a basic crowd funding platform. Keep playing around with menu layouts and adding new pages and you really can build a pretty decent crowd funding platform.
Good luck!
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