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Whether you’re tech savvy or not, you’ll want to make your life easier. You can do this through the use of a CMS (Content Management System), which lets you add and remove content from the website, without the risk of messing up the design.

A relatively new player on the block is, which is a pretty robust blogging solution with some slick features. For example, when you decide to write a new post, you’ll be greeted by this rather nifty screen. You write your post on the left and it shows you what it’ll look like (taking into account your CSS) on the right hand side.

ghost cms

This simple feature makes the authoring process that little bit simpler. It removes one of the steps that you’d need to take when writing a WordPress blog (and the less steps, the happier our users are!).

Broadly speaking, this is a very good CMS for blogging, but, it’s not so good if you’re looking to build out an entire website – I’m sure that functionality will come with time, but, for now WordPress is streets ahead in this area.

The only real drawback of Ghost is that it’s built using Node.JS, so the number of hosts that will support it is limited. However, Ghost will host your website themselves for $10 / month, or you could host it on Amazon Web Services – either way, the cost isn’t going to break the bank, it’s just something to consider.

I think Ghost has real potential and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

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