Build your own job site with WordPress

Recruitment is big business, it always has been and it’s becoming an increasingly desirable industry in which to work. Why? because the adoption of social media, job sites, Linkedin and all the other glorious recruitment channels means that overheads (costs) are dropping & scale is increasing as recruiters are able to tap into more markets across more geographies than ever before.

So, we are already seeing a shift in the recruitment business model to being an almost faceless business – one which in the future, could probably be fairly easily automated through the adoption of some clever artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence of that caliber though isn’t going to be available to the masses at a low enough cost any time soon so it’s a good time to jump into the industry and bridge the gap between the technology we need and the technology we have.

You can do this by utilizing many third party software packages, such as Tableau, which will enable you to provide employers with some incredibly rich reporting. Or, you could look to implement your own smart algorithms to suggest jobs to users that they might actually want (something I’ve never seen done properly before) – this sort of intelligence can either be bought off-the-shelf as a plugin, or can be written by some of the experts at Upwork or PeoplePerHour. Whatever you do, you need to deliver unique features that will help you to build a loyal following of job seekers and employers – the only way to do this is to redefine the way they interact with recruitment agencies / job sites.

There are a number of plugins for WordPress on the web – some paid and some free, that enable you to build relatively complex job sites, with little technical knowledge. Clearly, these aren’t going to set the world alight and aren’t going to bring anything new to the market. However, it will provide you with a solid base upon which to build your own technical innovations.

The steps you need to take to be able to build your own job board in WordPress begin with finding a good web host. This is probably one of the most important steps as WordPress can be a difficult beast to tame and cheap hosts really won’t do it justice. If you’re not confident utilizing your own VPS, I’d recommend managed WordPress hosting from SiteGround. They’ll deal with all the heavy lifting, config of caching and all sorts of other useful stuff that’ll enable your website to thrive.

Next, you’ll want to do a little bit of research into the job site plugins that are available on the market. There are some free ones, like WP Job Manager and some paid ones that you can find on CodeCanyon. My preference is to use the free base plugin, WP Job Manager and extend it with the various add-ons that they provide, such as the Paid Listings add-on.  There is a lot of additional functionality that you can utilize with the WP Job Manager plugin and it’s definitely worth a look.

Next, let’s make your website look awesome. I’ve used themes from ThemeForest to do this in the past. Specifically, the Jobify theme worked nicely with the WP Job Manager plugin. Of course, I’d urge you to check this is still the case before you buy the theme.

Finally, it’s about making your website accessible to the masses. Get your domain name pointed to the website, get your on-page SEO sorted (as described here) and get marketing!