Big Data Series: Installing the Cloudera Hadoop VM

This is going to be a really quick post, highlighting how to get the Cloudera VM up and running. Future posts will cover running small applications & utilizing the Cloudera platform.

First off, let’s download and install virtual box ( on your Windows or Mac machine. Next download the cloudera VM (click here).  The Cloudera VM is a 4GB file, so it may take some time to download. Once it has, unzip it to your local PC.

From here (as below), open Virtual Box, click file and then Import Appliance.

Browse your local machine for the file you just unzipped:

Once you’ve selected the file, click next. You’ll see the below screen. Click Import.

You’ll see the progress bar (as below).

Once complete, you’ll see your VM sitting on the left hand side of the Virtual Box window. Click on it & press the start button.

Your VM will now start to boot.

It will take quite some time, but once it’s finished, you should see something that resembles the below: