Adding your domain to your AWS website

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Once you’ve got your super slick website hosted in AWS and your design is exactly as you’d like it to be, you’ll probably want to add your own custom domain as a touch of personalization.

Before you can do this, you need to go to the AWS route 53 control panel. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the below.

DNS Setup in AWS

Click on “Get Started Now” under the DNS management title. From here, simply click on “create hosted zone” in the top left. The panel to the right hand side (as seen below) will open. Within this panel, just enter your domain name and click “create” (assuming you don’t want to change the type).

AWS Domains

The next screen will give you all the DNS information you need to point your domain at your new AWS hosted website. You’ll need to add an A record on this screen, set the IP to be that of your EC2 instance.

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