A modern car has more lines of code than Apollo 11.

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Technology is now seen as the solution to most problems and software forms a large part of these solutions.

Businesses have realised that they need to have a strong presence online in order to be successful.

In order to build good websites and software products almost every organisation has software developer jobs available. Moreover, software houses offer their software development expertise to companies not wishing to hire their own developers and outsourcing their app or website development.

The roles vary in skill sets, from web developers to high performance back-end processing. There are many languages and tools available for developers to use and learn, in order to develop the best software and web applications relatively easily and quickly.

This is why the job market for software developers is one of the strongest today across all the industries.

The software development industry has come a long way since the moon landing, as shown by the fact that the spacecraft that took humans to the moon had fewer lines of code than a car that takes you down to your local store.

Quite often, some level of skills and knowledge in programming is now a requirement for technical job roles. This is because companies know that people who can code are familiar with crafting logical solutions to large problems, and such problem solving skills are really sought-after.

Software development is no longer a skill reserved for the genius prodigies. The current generation of students are learning to code from a very young age as part of their school curriculum, something I really wish I had the chance to do.

However, it is never too late to start and there are more resources available today than ever before.

Codecademy provides tutorials for programming languages and web development. You can learn to develop in languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby and HTML. There are also guided projects for building websites which serve as a great foundation for learning web development.

If you wanted to focus on improving your skills in a particular programming language then Learn C# is something I would recommend. It introduces learners to C# and the .Net framework, a useful set of tools to build windows applications and services.

C# is the language of choice for most of the major companies in the software market, it is very high level (so it can read almost like English) and has plenty of support available online (if Google is your friend, then StackOverflow is your development life partner).

For those who like to learn while having (a relative amount of) fun, there is a great website called jsdares which teaches your JavaScript while creating a game.

Final comments

It is clear that skills in software development can only help your career prospects. It is not difficult to learn how to code and there are lots of helpful resources available to do that, like the ones in this post.

Knowing how to code means you have strong logical reasoning skills which can apply to things other than programming.

So I encourage you to give one of those links a go and add any more you feel are useful in the comments below.

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