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Below are our three publications - these are available as both e-books and paperback print versions. Use the form above to request your free chapter!
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AWS Zero To Hero

A walthrough of the key AWS services and how everything hangs together. Learn to build fault tolerant and highly available application architectures!


AWS Zero To Hero 2

Coming soon: An expanded view of the original book incorporating more of the complex services, including a deep dive into Amazon EMR


Let's Do Hadoop

This book takes you deep into the Hadoop ecosystem. From data ingestion and transformation to storage, analytics, visualization and management.

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Learn AWS From A Certified Architect

High Availability & Fault Tolerance

Build highly available, fault tolerant and self healing application environments in AWS.

Brush Up Before The Exam

If you're taking the AWS architect exam, you can use AWS Zero to Hero to brush up on the fundamentals.

Hybrid Environment Design

Learn how to create a hybrid environment – use the cloud to extend your existing capabilities. Build an environment with the best of both worlds.

Learn The Hadoop Ecosystem

Speak with confidence surrounding all areas of the Hadoop Ecosystem. From data ingestion to transformation, storage, analytics, visualization and management.

Get Hands On

Get hands on with some of the more 'beginner-friendly' elements of the Hadoop environment and become more confident discussing this trail blazing technology.

Learn about Analytics

Learn what tools we have at our disposal to analyse massive datasets in Hadoop. Start to unlock the power of your data.

Learn about ETL / ELT

Learn about the difference between ETL and ELT and the tools we use to achieve optimal data load into the Hadoop cluster.

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What Are You Waiting For

Let's learn all about the cloud and big data together and help you make that next step in your career.