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We have a number of articles aimed at taking you through the basics of Statistics with a focus on those areas important to data analytics and data science activities (correlation, regression, etc..)

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a complementary topic to Python. Where there is data, there is Python. You can find our data analytics articles here.

The Cloud

We focus on Amazon Web Services & have created a learning track based on our notes for the AWS Solutions Architect exam.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is an important role in technology. We must make sure that scope is accurately defined to deliver robust software.

Big Data

One of our key focuses is big data.

Machine learning uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to ‘learn’ rather than being explicitly programmed.

Supervised learning is where we provide the model with the actual outputs from the data. This let’s it build a picture of the data and form links between the historic parameters...

KMeans clustering searches for clusters of data within a dataset. This is an unsupervised learning model. If we look at plot 1 below, we can easily see the clusters of data...